Case Studies in TAFE Curriculum

Edited by

Clare McBeath

Australian Case Studies in Curriculum Series

Editorial to Web edition 1997

This collection of case studies was published nine years ago and is now out of print. It is being added to the Training and Development collection so that the papers will not be lost. The original contention that there is a dearth of published case studies in TAFE curriculum is still valid.

Interestingly, even though the political context has changed dramatically in nine years, and committees, Boards and Authorities have emerged with new names and roles, many of the curriculum decision making issues discussed in these papers are still highly relevant. The current "reform" movement has done little more than change the rules for curriculum writers, and has not necessarily addressed the issues which concern them.

These case studies were written by practising curriculum specialists, each involved in development, evaluation, policy and needs analysis, research and commentary. The papers speak of their own experiences and the issues which concerned them. The over-riding concern with the production of quality materials for quality learning in vocational education is apparent in all the papers in this collection, and have much to offer in the current environment of curriculum reductionism.

Clare McBeath
Faculty of Education
Curtin University of Technology
January 1997

Table of Contents

Foreword: Foreword to the series
Barry Fraser, Gil McDonald and Kerry Kennedy

Chapter 1: Introduction
Clare McBeath and Wendy Richards

Chapter 2: Case study approaches in TAFE curriculum research: Some reflections based on practice
Neil Jones

Chapter 3: Traineeships: A case study in new curriculum design methodology
Helen Smith

Chapter 4: User participation in curriculum materials development
Bill Sharp

Chapter 5: Developing a national curriculum for distance education
Clare McBeath

Chapter 6: Tourism: A TAFE study in cooperation
David Furber

Chapter 7: Cooperative initiatives in off-campus development and delivery
Geoff Ashurst

Chapter 8: Privileged information: Evaluating a women's access course
Wendy Richards

Chapter 9: Retraining and conflicting work styles
Bob Funnell

Please cite as: C. McBeath (Ed) (1988). Case studies in TAFE curriculum. Perth, WA: West Australian Social Science Education Consortium, Curtin University of Technology.

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The editor is indebted to this volume's contributors who had to put up with my long distance nagging for nearly a year, and who continued to cooperate as the drafts were worked and reworked to publication standard. With full-time workloads and little tradition of publishing on the agenda of TAFE's reward system, the contributors put these papers together in their own time and on a purely voluntary basis. I can only hope that the published volume will be reward enough for all the heartaches we shared!

I would like to thank Professor Barry Fraser for his support and editorial assistance. The word processing was done by Barbara Batty and Chris Waters and my thanks go to them for their meticulous skill and great patience.

Clare McBeath
Faculty of Education
Curtin University of Technology
July 1988

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